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TabAlive is the most appropriate software for management of tablets at educational centres,
because its functionality has been designed from the point of view of the needs of a teaching
centre. TabAlive is a mobile and web application based on a tablet management system in
the cloud. The mobile application works on any Android 4.0 or superior tablet and
administration can be carried out through a web manager, from any device,
with Internet connection being the sole requirement.

Block or unblock tablets

Block or
unblock tablets

Chooses when the students
can use the device...

See and share screens

See and share

Displays what the
students are doing

Browse control


The students will always
browse in a secure manner...

Display and hide applications

Display and hide

Selects the necessary
applications for the student...

Personalize the desktop

the desktop

Adapts the student's interface in
accordance to the level of the course...

Preparing the classes

the classes

Show your students only
what they will use...

Execute evaluation controls

Execute evaluation

Create questionnaires with
different types of questionsta...

Save files locally

Save files

Tabalive allows users
to save files downloaded...

Photo camera

Photo camera

Access to the device’s camera...

App updates and new versions control

App updates and new versions control

Every time that appears a new version
of some of the apps available...

User switching

User switching

Tabalive allows that one device can be
used by different students...

Start app remotely

Start app remotely

Tabalive allows you to remotely start an application...


With TabAlive there are several types of users within the platform in order to
administrate the centre with more effectiveness. Each one has different functions and controls
within the application, the same depending on their role.


Student: Uses the tablet in
accordance to the parameters
that the teacher defines.


Teacher: Configures the
tablets of his/her students and
manages the classroom.


Manages the users, groups
and licenses.



Discover all the benefits of
learning with tablets, the new era
of education. Take a small trip
through TabAlive and start enjoying
its advantages, both for the student,
as well as for the teacher, don't
lag behind and bring your centre up to date!


TabAlive optimizes the interactions of the teaching body, extending and improving
learning of the students in the traditional scope and in that of
advanced technological skills.


Would you like to try our application? You can easily try it with our demo!
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